ALTO Alliance

ALTO Alliance
Fraud, Safety, Theft, Violence
Zone 5
  • ALTO is a people-first, technology-enabled, community-focused company that helps reduce crime, risks, and other business disruptions to the retail environment; making employees & members of the community feel safer working & shopping in their local stores.
  • The ALTO Alliance is a people-first solution that combines the partnership power of all participating retailers, local law enforcement, attorneys & prosecutors, nonprofit organizations, and government officials to effect positive change in the community and in the courtroom.
  • ALTO personnel foster relationships with community groups dedicated to breaking negative cycles at the root causes of crime and work to develop strategies for dealing with displaced persons, aggressive panhandling, and/or vandalism.
  • ALTO works to organize local events and meetings with law enforcement and other leaders to improve goodwill and mutual respect.
  • ALTO can ease the burden of court appearances on in- store staff and ensure retailers’ voices are heard as their advocate when crime and justice reform are on the docket.

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