Explore the latest technologies from LPRC Solutions Partners

The Loss Prevention Research Council has established a database of our partners’ solutions to provide retailers with a comprehensive guide to cutting-edge technology.

Our Solutions Directory can help you find the technology best suited to your retail LP/AP needs

Users can filter by keywords and many different categories, including:

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By Zones of Influence

The Zones emphasize how we establish sensors in, as well as deliver, efforts in concentric zones.

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By Problem It Solves

We have categorized problems, or "tracks", that each solution aims to solve.

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By Technology Type

Every solution has an overarching technology class to help narrow down your search.

See the technology in action through our virtual Engagement Lab

Our mock-store contains over a hundred solutions created to combat theft, fraud, or violence. We have converted our space into a virtual platform to allow you to explore from anywhere in the world.

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