Qognify Business Video Intelligence (BVI)

Qognify Business Video Intelligence (BVI)
Fraud, Theft
Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3

Qognify’s Business Video Intelligence platform (BVI) can deter, mitigate, detect, alert to, AND document retail crime. This can be utilized in store or throughout the supply chain in warehouses, manufacturing or distribution centers. BVI works by combining video footage from VMS with ANY type of transactional data. This integration between POS in store or even ERP, warehouse management systems, yard management systems, scanners or even GPS with BVI allows data to become useful and business decisions can be made instantly. BVI documents pick and pack processes as well as returns handling processes and the transfer of liabilities in a warehouse. This provides the opportunity to avert false claims, fight ORC and even locate packages/product throughout the warehouse handling process. With many retailers not having the actionable data in front of them to make a quick decision when a potential false claim occurs, they are forced to give large refunds on items. No more searching for hours with many resources to figure out what really occurred. Being an open platform, BVI can integrate with just about anything to enable accurate , data and video backed decisions instantly, saving retailers potentially millions of dollars per year.

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