Lockout Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook

Lockout Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook
Zone 1
  • The Lockout Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook has an internal time-delay lockout function – which initiates after a single item has been dispensed from the hook and locks out anyone from making additional selections for 6-8 seconds.
  • Each knob turn draws an item forward, releasing one product at a time, while an audible clicking noise alerts associates to activity in the area.
  • Mechanical audible alert – deterring shoplifters Time-Delay Lockout feature allows normal single dispense, with time delay prior to additional dispenses
  • Eliminates sweeping through integrated dispensing coil
  • Reverse movement limiting function, with auto-reset for forward motion dispensing
  • Attaches securely to pegboard (bracket included) Has mounting adapters that include Wire Fastrack, Mega Bar, slatwall and Madix crossbar (sold separately)
  • Open security – customers do NOT require assistance to access product

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