Sonr Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook (Sash)

Sonr Spiral Anti-Sweep Hook (Sash)
Zone 1, Zone 2
Researched by LPRC
  • Increases time needed to gather multiple items
  • Compatible with the Sonr Echo Box
  • Prevents sweeping and increases the RISK of being caught.
  • This solution attaches securely to the pegboard in your store and accommodates multiple SKUs.
  • It features a clear polycarbonate hood with a steel hook, bracket and adapter. Shoppers will quickly realize that each knob turn draws product forward, releasing a single package, while alerting store personnel if multiple products are being dispensed.
  • Increases time needed to gather multiple items.
  • Offenders dislike attention drawn by noise.
  • Reports – Offender interviews at Gainesville Innovation Lab.

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