Brosnan SmartTrucks™

Brosnan SmartTrucks™
Safety, Theft, Violence
Zone 4, Zone 5
  • The Brosnan SmartTrucks™ fleet of Dodge Ram 1500s, is each staffed by a Brosnan security officer who has been trained on the safe, effective and efficient operation of the vehicle.
  • The SmartTrucks are custom designed with tools to effectively deter crime and are managed in real time by the Brosnan Command Center®️, which views and captures field operations and coordinates field response.
  • Brosnan SmartTrucks™ have features including: Live video for security officer safety and monitoring for vehicle protection as it patrols the parking lot and perimeter of the store property; Vehicle idle management for fuel reduction cost and security guard time efficiency; Historical reporting to view security guard patrols and observances for pattern analysis; Reporting Driver Safety information; GPS Tracking and Geo-fencing capabilities; MetTel nationwide support and ability to vary solution configuration based on vehicle type and business rules.
  • Our Drone Trucks deploy drones to capture, record and disseminate relevant intel in locations where our emergency personnel cannot access. This real-time and fact based data is extremely important to clients and significantly informs their decision making process. Our drones separate fact from fiction.

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