Bosch Intrusion Systems

Bosch Intrusion Systems
Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4
  • Extend the capabilities of Bosch intrusion systems by monitoring critical areas and systems
  • Monitor the status of doors during disarmed periods to alert to a door propped or inadvertently left open, indicating the possibility of employee theft and preventing unnecessary heating and cooling costs
  • Alert to temperatures rising above certain thresholds for longer than a pre-defined time in refrigerated cases and freezers and notify store personnel if action is needed to maintain the integrity of stock, prevent spoilage, and reduce loss
  • Ensure that jewelry cabinets and other high value merchandise is protected during open hours by monitoring how long cases are open. Alerting staff to an abnormal condition if a case is left open reminds them to secure it
  • Trigger text or email notifications using native integration with Bosch IP cameras with built-in Video Analytics when checkout queues are too long, emergency exits are blocked, high-value items are removed, cars are parked in the fire lane, and more

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