Illustra Insight Camera

Illustra Insight Camera
Fraud, Safety, Theft, Violence
Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3
  • Harmonized frictionless access control & video solution; can detect multiple people at one time within one second of approaching the camera to prevent the need to stop and wait for entry
  • Currently installed as video only solution to capture events and reporting in Victor VMS for registered known/unknown faces in front of secure cage area in LPRC lab
  • Able to distinguish between actual person and picture of a person to prevent ‘spoofing’ and reduce false positives
  • Provides immediate feedback; green for access granted & red for no access with capability for Welcome or Deny access audible
  • Visitor or temporary access – Built-in Speaker & Microphone that for two way communication to assist guests without advance credentials. QR codes can also be used

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