Theft Deterrent and Recovery Label

Theft Deterrent and Recovery Label
Zone 1, Zone 5
  • This solution displays unique store information, providing law enforcement with proof of the product’s original ownership in an ORC investigation. This enables the retailer to recover stolen products.
  • It enables variable imprinting of the store number on the label, meaning only one SKU needs to be ordered versus possibly hundreds.
  • The quality of the label adhesive has a direct correlation with the ROI by enhancing its deterrence value. Specialty adhesives on the labels make it virtually impossible to remove from the package without significantly damaging the product.
  • The aggressive adhesive significantly increases time and labor costs for fencing operations.
  • ORC Labels make it easy to identify product that has been stolen and sold to illicit resellers by labeling with a unique code identifying company and location.
  • ORC labels are extremely time consuming and difficult to remove, either leaving residue or damaging the product.
  • This technology increases EFFORT necessary to steal and resell the product, as individual stickers are difficult and time-consuming to remove.
  • This technology increases the RISK involved in stealing this product by providing evidence of the crime that may be used later to prosecute.
  • This technology decreases the REWARD by making it difficult to resell product or damaging the product in the process of removing the ORC label.

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