Situational Awareness with Bosch Video Analytics

Situational Awareness with Bosch Video Analytics
Safety, Theft, Violence
Zone 3, Zone 4
  • Use the Video Analytics built-in to Bosch IP cameras to detect and alert to security, safety, and shrink risks while capturing data to make informed business decisions
  • Secure a store‚Äôs main entrance with video surveillance while gathering business statistics like counts of people entering or exiting the store
  • Detect people entering or leaving the store using an emergency exit to alert to possible theft
  • Recognize suspicious behavior before it becomes a problem, such as vehicles parked in fire lanes or other restricted areas, people loitering outside of customer or employee entrances, crowd formations, people lying on the ground, and more
  • Get alerts if customer queues exceed a pre-defined threshold to improve customer service
  • Use machine learning to detect the things that matter most, such as recognizing people with shopping carts, detecting the number of open parking spots, and more

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