Fortress Gondola Security Case Line

Fortress Gondola Security Case Line
Zone 1, Zone 2
  • Great for categories where sweeping of product in mass is common, including health and beauty and consumer electronics, and other high dollar items.
  • ADAPTABLE – Universal in design to fit on a variety of existing retail gondola systems across multiple manufacturers, including Lozier, Madix, Streater and other legacy gondola systems.
  • FLEXIBLE – Cases can be installed independently (single gondola section) or in tandem on perimeter wall or in-line gondola configurations.
  • MODULAR—System has been designed as a starter/add-on that shares common components, which in turn, helps reduce the number of parts and overall cost of the system.
  • TRANSPARENT—Frameless system yields unobstructed view inside the case.
  • ADJUSTABLE—System includes adjustable side panels that will help accommodate varying gondola deck depths, and self leveling system to ensure perfect alignment on gondola.
  • RESILIENT—Glass offerings include high impact laminated glass options to safeguard high cost goods. Shell produced in a durable powder coated heavy duty steel.
  • INCLUSIVE—Accommodates existing shelving and accessories to merchandise interior.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE—Engineered to install around pre-existing electric conduit with ability to add secondary security sirens and lighting.
  • CONVENIENT—Assembly is quick and easy with use of standard tools.
  • SECURE—Cases accommodate all types of locking core systems.
  • PORTABLE—Quick and easy to relocate cases during resets.

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