Security Officer Services and Monitoring

Security Officer Services and Monitoring
Fraud, Safety, Theft, Violence
Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4
  • This technology and security officer management services combine real-world knowledge with real-time information to reduce the burden of loss prevention, so clients can better manage their risks and budget while freeing their time to spend on other priorities.
  • There is security officer program visibility from real-time online tracking at every stage of the security process.
  • Automated, proprietary workforce communications that go beyond the standard training to ensure on-site officers understand each client’s unique situation, risks and expectations each day.
  • A full portfolio of services – including direct security officer services, managed security officer services, and remote monitoring services – that allow Protos to create just the right loss prevention program for each client
  • A team that takes each client’s business.

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