Security Case, Product Security, Locking Cases, Anti Sweep

Security Case, Product Security, Locking Cases, Anti Sweep
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Polycarbonate Door Pass-Through System has a clean look with flexibility for planogram changes. The shopping experience is far better than having a locked case: Shopper reaches into Openings that are in the locked case, moving her/his desired product left or right to an Exit Well.

From Exit Well they take product, 1-at-a-time, to be then paid for. NO OPPORTUNITY FOR SWEEP.

Green Customer shops more easily and conveniently. Red Shopper realizes no opportunity for sweep.

No need for associate to help and no extra time by associate to help shopper.

Because polycarbonate door is so strong, it is easier, less costly to ship and install and importantly, allows for this invention to be executed (could not be done with glass)!

Can be installed in front of existing shelves.

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