RaptorVision’s Monitoring and Real Time Detection Solutions

RaptorVision’s Monitoring and Real Time Detection Solutions
Zone 1, Zone 2, Zone 3

RaptorVision is “Purpose Built” to detect Organized Retail Crime and Shop Lifting Activity while improving the Customer Experience. RaptorVision is NOT a tool for loitering, dwell time, line crossing, heatmapping, or any other video analytic on the market. RaptorVision is truly unique and differentiates from any other technology.

• Organized Retail Crime & Shoplifting – Whether Taking “Too Much Too Fast” or gathering large quantities of product from displays, Identify & Deter rampant Organized Retail Crime Activity while in Real-Time using RaptorVision’s Award-Winning Patented Behavioral Video Analytics Monitoring.

• Customer Experience Improvement – Improve efforts to assist Customers actually engaging products and often looking for customer service assistance – providing significant opportunities to increase sales.

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