LM Tag™ Family

LM Tag™ Family
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  • LM Tags™ are a low-profile, lightweight security tag featuring light and motion sensors that alarm at the first point of concealment. This helps alert store associates to suspicious activity early, and is a proven theft deterrent.
  • The LM Tag™ attaches to merchandise using a replaceable adhesive backing. LM Tag™ can be adjusted to be visible at first glance on shelf or hidden behind package.
  • If product is tampered, concealed, or removed from store, the alarm will alert staff and help prevent loss.
  • LM Tag™ also interfaces with the SONR™ Echobox (installed remotely) to relay product activity notifications to the Echobox – increasing awareness and response times.
  • The LM Tag™ product line features a multitude of loss prevention solutions to prevent theft in stores, including LMTag™ Slim, LM Tag™ 3 Alarm, LM Tag™ with SONR™ and LM Tag™ Loop with SONR™. Other accessories include the LM Tag™ Wrap and LM Tag™ Clip.

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