Traffic Flow Analysis

Traffic Flow Analysis
Zone 2, Zone 3, Zone 4, Zone 5

Scylla Traffic Flow Analysis collects data related to people movement across all connected cameras using a proprietary appearance-based algorithm to gather data without breaching customer privacy. The system can be configured to measure and track specific zones at a specific time to ensure collection of all necessary information for a particular business. Scylla’s statistical analytics can query and filter the distribution of people at specific locations at the desired time/date ranges for actionable insights.

Scylla Traffic Flow Analysis module supports: real-time people counting, heatmaps, pathway analysis, line crossing, dwell time analysis, and statistical analytics.

Scylla Traffic Flow Analysis features customizable statistical reporting and analytics, a user-friendly interface, an advanced AI-powered traffic flow analysis system, an adjustable alerting system for immediate response and data-driven decision making, and flexible deployment based on the customer’s choice: on-site, cloud-hosted, or on-edge.

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