SMARTtill Intelligent Cash Drawer

SMARTtill Intelligent Cash Drawer
Fraud, Theft
Zone 1
  • Reconciles cash with actual sales through detectors in till. There is full cash visibility at the Point of Sale- every denomination, every transaction, every register, every location
  • Management can detect discrepancies through a single or multiple PCs located in the store.
  • Provides a database of transactions to detect if customers are provided with incorrect change.
  • This technology increases the RISK of being caught by providing accounting of individual POS transactions and whether they were reconciled correctly. Any attempted theft can be identified. Proof of theft is also provided by a searchable database.
  • Integration opportunities with existing solution ecosystem including: corporate POS exception reporting applications, back office solutions, CCTV, etc.
  • This solution impacts operations, loss prevention, data analytics and treasury.

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